The Symbolism Of Ecuador’s Flag

“La Bandera del Ecuador”

Ecuador flag Bandera del Ecuador

September 26th is National Flag Day in Ecuador, with students throughout the country making a pledge to the flag (Jura a la Bandera).

The flag consists of three horizontal stripes with a coat of arms in the middle.

The three coloured stripes have the following meanings:

  • Yellow represents the crops and fertile soil.
  • Blue stands for the sky and sea.
  • Red symbolizes the blood and sacrifice of the country’s heroes.

The condor, Ecuador’s national bird, sits on top of the shield stretching its wings to symbolize power, greatness, and strength.

In the background of the oval shield is Ecuador’s highest mountain, Chimborazo. The river Guayas flows from its base to the Pacific coast, and Ecuador’s largest city, Guayaquil.

A steamboat, also named Guayas, floats on the river. Built in Guayaquil, it was the first seaworthy steamship constructed in South America.

Flag of Ecuador Bandera del Ecuador

Giant flags fly in Parque Central, Loja

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