Girón to Saraguro – An Adventure Through the Back Roads

“When you arrive at a fork in the road, take it.” (Yogi Berra) The back roads surrounding Girón are perfect for hiking, biking, or rambling around by car. You can walk or ride for hours in the countryside, experiencing rural life in the Andes.

Road to horizon, Giron, Ecuador

Laguna de Busa – A Day Trip from Cuenca

Laguna de Busa is a small lake at the base of the San Pablo hills, 2 kilometers from San Fernando, and about 60 kilometers from Cuenca. Legends say there are treasures of gold and silver in the depths of Laguna de Busa. We didn’t find any, but we enjoyed our visit.

Mountain behind Laguna de Busa, Ecuador

View of bridge and waterfall

El Churro Waterfalls, Giron

El Churro waterfalls are located about 6 kilometres from the Andean town of Giron, roughly an hour south of Cuenca. We totally enjoyed our hike to the falls, and the scenic walk back to town.

Oranges, Sugarcane, and Drinking Mapanagua in the Yunguilla Valley

A great day in the Andes thanks to Mario and his family and friends. We left Girón, drove through the picturesque Yunguilla Valley, drank some local liquor, hiked a few kilometres along a river, and came home with a lot of good memories – and a big bag of oranges.

Picking oranges, Giron, Ecuador